The farmer prophet

Robert Nixon, a rural visionary with a reputation of mentally retarded, was born toward 1467 in a farm of the English county of Cheshire. He started to work as a waiter of tillage because he was too dumb to do anything else. He barely spoke, although sometimes he talked incomprehensible things. However, one day, while he was working, he made a pause, He looked surprised and exclaimed: "Now, Dick! We are going, Harry! Very bad!!, Dick! Well done! Harry! Harry has triumphed!" Such exclamations, more coherent than they used to be, although also incomprehensible, filled of confusion to his colleagues, but the following day everything was clarified: At the same moment of the strange attack of Robert, the King Richard III died in Bosworth Field, and the winner of this decisive battle, Henry Tudor, became Henry VII of England.

The news of the bucolic fortuneteller did not take long to reach the new king, who was very intrigued, and who wanted to see him, Nixon was accompanied to the palace. He had not yet left the court, when full of anguish, he began to wander around the village shouting that Enrique had called him and that he was going to die of starvation.

Meanwhile, Enrique had planned a method to test the young prophet, and when Nixon was led into his presence he seemed to be embarrassed. He explained to him that he had lost a valuable diamond. Could you please help me to find it? Nixon then replied calmly, "Who can hide can find". Naturally, Enrique had hidden the diamond, and caused him such an impression the response that ordered to record whatever the boy said. What did he say? Duly interpreted, he predicted the civil war in England, death and abdication of their kings and the war with France. Also he predicted that the place of Nantiwich, in Cheshire, would be ravaged by a flood, which had not yet happened.

But the prophecy of most fear for Nixon was the most unbelievable of all: that he would die of hunger in the royal palace. To calm these worries, Enrique ordered that he would be given as much food as he wished and whenever he wished it, this order did not precisely contribute to make friends to the strange young in the real kitchen, whose staff, anyway resented his privileges.

However, a day Enrique left London, one of his officials was taking care of Nixon, to protect him from the bad intentions of the palace´s servitude, he enclosed Nixon in one of the King´s chambers. Urgent matters led him outside of London and he forgot to leave the key or instructions to take care of Robert. When he returned, the poor peasant had died of hunger.


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