The Orion's Myth

History of Orion, the Hunter - Greek Mythology

Orion was the son of Poseidon, god of the Sea, and Gaea (Juno for the Romans), the goddess of the Earth. At birth grew so that went on to become an authentic giant. So enormous was, that could walk by the fund of the deep seas without ever the waters will cover of shoulders to above. Orion is represented by a warrior lifted up his bow and covering of the enemy with a fleece. At his side are his watchdogs: Canis Major and Canis Minor.
Orion the great hunter that it was precisely because of his greatness, would become in superb, carrying the wrath of Gaea.
After many adventures, Orion went to the island of Chios, where the little time fell in love with Mérope, the daughter of king Enopión. Such was his love for her that the requested in marriage. Enopión concurred in this, but previously demanded the giant that demonstrate its value carrying out a difficult mission. Orion would have to exterminate a large number of harmful animals which were causing enormous losses in the harvest of the island. Once there were exterminated all Orion vermin, the king refused to comply with the word given to Orion.
Orion tried to avenge Oenopion, but could not find it because it took refuge in an underground chamber so convoluted, which was virtually inscrutable. Then, Orion rode more on cholera, and enraged, downloaded their anger in all the beasts that are atravezaban on its way without distinction of ferocity or innocence. Such was the massacre that Orion had caused his mother Gea had to intervene by asking you, to cease in its absurd task. Orion, violent and mindless, he ignored the words of his mother and followed in their thirteen, despite repeated warnings of Gaea.
One day, when the superb Orion, was reunited with their friends, disaprearing that neither the most terrible beasts as the tigers, panthers, lions or snakes were able to cause terror any, his mother Gea reached the limit of its patience, which commanded a scorpion very poisonous. Orion, seeing him, could not contain his ironic smile at the ridiculousness of that insignificant adversary sent by Gaea.
Orion is entrusted and the scorpion you punched in a heel with its powerful sting Poisonous and as soon as he did that, Orion smashed with its harness. The terrible ponzoña was extended by all the blood of Orion and it fell to the ground means dying. When he saw that the death was already imminent, asked for help and he implored revenge to the almighty Zeus, since death that He stalked was little glorious for a character of his Spirit. He asked the supreme god which placed in the heavens with its two faithful hunting dogs (Canis Major and Canis Minor) and a hare (Lepus), so that the men, when look upwards in the dark starry nights, remember the adventures of the great hunter Orion. It also requested him to Zeus the domain of storms, storms, the ice and the winds, so as to be able to avenge so your Mother the Earth (Gaea).
Gea, in revenge for the crimes of Orion, sent a scorpion to face with him, injecting venom and perishing in turn.
Zeus was condescending with Orion and met their pleas. The earth trembled, and since then it has been doing until our days every time it has seen appear to Orion on the firmament, since it has always brought with it the wind, the cold, storms, ice, snow and frosts, that are so abundant in winter on the ground, coinciding with the arrival of this constellation.
Zeus was also commissioned to place the scorpion (Scorpius) in the sky, but he was careful to put it as far away as possible from the giant that never again return to confront. Thus, when Orion disappears from the sky dome is when makes its appearance the constellation Scorpio. While Orion appears during the winter, Scorpius makes in the summer, perpetuating their struggle continuously.

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