The Chinese legend of the Blue Rose

A powerful emperor of China, wise and gentle, was very happy in his palace: his people were blessed under his government and his home, a paradise of love and peace. But there was something that he was concerned at the highest level. His only daughter, so beautiful, as smart, she was unmarried and did not show great interest in marriage.
The emperor wanted to find a worthy candidate for her, for which he proclaimed his desire to marry the princess. The aspirants to the hand of the young princess were many; at least one hundred and fifty. But the intelligent girl, found a way to avoid the provision that had taken his father. She said that she was willing to get married to obey the emperor, but very subtly, she requested a single condition for accepting her husband: who had to marry her, should bring her a Blue Rose.
The pretenders were discouraged by that request. No one had ever seen a blue rose. What garden of the world flourish that wonderful? And with the security that finding the Blue Rose was an impossible company, the majority of them resigned to marry the beautiful princess. Only three persisted: a rich Merchant, a Warrior and a High Chief of Justice. The Merchant was not a dreamer, but a very sensible man. So, very wisely, he went to the best flower shop in the city, where, with all security, he should find what he was looking for. He was wrong. The florist had not ever seen a blue rose in all his years of Merchant. But the rich Merchant offered a fortune in exchange for this strange flower and the florist promised to take care to search for it. The suitor Warrior, who had known wonderful lands in his campaigns, chose to head toward the country of the King of the Five Rivers. I knew it was a sovereign rich, in whose kingdom overflowing the treasures.
The Warrior departed accompanied by a hundred soldiers, and that armed retinue and dazzling, made a deep impression on the King of the Five Rivers, fearing an attack, ordered his servers to run to bring the blue rose to offer it to the gentleman who had made the request. A servant returned bringing in his hands a beautiful box. When he opened it, the Warrior was dazzled. Inside the box there was a beautiful sapphire carved with the form of a rose.
It was definitely a real present and the Warrior, sure of his triumph, returned with the jewel to his country. But the princess moved the head to contemplate the jewel. The present of the Warrior was not more than that, a precious stone, not a true flower. That gift did not correspond to the condition required. Little took the Merchant to know that his rival had failed and returned to urge his florist to get the blue rose. The Merchant was desperate without any result, until one day, the florist wife, full of cunning, believed to find the solution. Nothing easier than painting blue a white rose, and with it, the Merchant would win the hand of the Princess and them a large fortune. Impossible to describe the joy of the rich Merchant when the Merchant of flowers made him know that he had already found what he needed. Ran to the florist, took the petal blue flower and do not delayed a second to reach the palace. And when everyone believed that the Merchant had reached their prize, the intelligent Princess moved its beautiful head and said: "That is not what I want". This Rose has been tinted with a poisonous liquid that would cause the death of the first butterfly that pose on her. She did not accept neither the jewel of the Warrior nor the false pink flower of the Merchant.
I want a blue rose. In his turn, the High Chief of Justice, who had been seen the failure of his two rivals, saw that the field was free to him. Thought a lot of time in the way of finding the Blue Rose that the Princess wanted, and finally, an appropriate idea emerged in his mind. He visited in his workshop an exquisite artist, and requested him to make a fine glass, where he asked the artist to paint a blue rose. The artist took great care in his work, and when he presented to the High Chief of Justice, he did not hesitate a moment that the triumph was already his. With this security he presented to the Princess. The young woman was really admired with that work. No one had ever seen a glass of porcelain so beautiful and transparent, and the Blue Rose in it painted, it was a true work of art. But although she admitted the gift and thanked him with gracious gesture, she had to confess that it was not a rose painted what she wanted. Much regretted, but neither the High Chief of Justice had found what she wanted to grant his hand. And since then nobody returned to talk about the marriage of the Princess, nor was another aspirant to get her hand, much to the delight of the young.
But shortly after, something happened that should make her regret her ingenious trick. The people began to talk in the palace about a young troubadour that travel the country singing sweet songs. And one night the beautiful Princess walked with one of the maidens in the palace garden and came to her ears a sweet melody. The troubadour jumped the wall, and that evening he sang for her his most beautiful songs. The Princess and the troubadour fell in love, and the young man returned other nights to sing under her windows. More time greater was their love, and the troubadour wanted to present himself to the Sovereign to ask for the hand of the Princess. It was then when the beautiful young warned that the cunning that she had used to zoom out to her suitors would prevent also that she could marry with the troubadour, if he could bring the Blue Rose. Her father would also require him to bring the Blue Rose. And she knew that this was impossible. But her lover reassured her "his love could everything".
A great commotion occurred in the court when it became known that a new suitor was subjected to the test to find the Blue Rose and would be submitted with it. The troubadour went through between the row of courtiers and ladies, and came to the Princess. Tended the hand, and offered her a beautiful white rose moments before he had taken it of the palace garden. The princess smiled happy, and with the consequent astonishment of all, stated that this was exactly the blue rose she wanted. A murmur of surprise and indignation ran by the lounge, and the emperor also looked at her daughter, as if he believed that she had gone mad. But the saying was so blessed, which included all, cut immediately the talks saying that the princess was the one who had demanded that condition, and that if she, as smart as all the wise men of the court, admitted that the rose submitted to her was blue, nobody could doubt about it. Therefore, triumphed the love of the Chinese Princess.

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