Legend of the Rectory of Borley

It is said that in Borley, England, existed in the Benedictine monastery of the 13th century, a couple of religious. They escaped to live a love story. But they were captured, the monk was hanged, the nun was confined alive inside one wall of the monastery and the driver of the hearse beheaded.
On the ruins of the building, where the Rectory of Borley was built in 1863, lived Henry Bull and his family, in a Victorian mansion residence. Those who lived there 65 years (1863-1927), saw multiple paranormal events.
After the death of the rector Bull, the priest Smith was installed in the mansion and in 1929 told to the journalists from the Daily Mirror details about everything that was happening inside the mansion. Published on: doorbells and rings that sounded alone, a luminous figure dressed as a nun wandering through the garden, a carriage with horses guided by a coachman beheaded…etc.
They requested the assistance of the researcher Harry Price, who organized a meeting of spiritualism and a week after the parish priest and his wife left the house due to the violence of the phenomena.
Then the rectory passed to the hands of the reverend Foyter and similar phenomena happened. The ghosts were present, the bells rang, pounded strings, materialized and flying objects, even were heard screams heartbreaking. Mr Foyster, was launched from his bed, slapped and almost smothered by a mattress. After that, appeared written messages on the walls, Price discovered one of prophetic character that said: "This house will be burned to the ground". In 1935, Mr. Foyster left the house.
During the year 1938 was a time of abandonment, and the Price used it to gather a group of 48 volunteers for the study of the paranormal phenomena of the building.
And in February 1939, Captain William Greg, made reality the prophecy when an oil lamp fell to the ground in a violent manner and the building was burned; uncovering the remains of the confined nun to whom Price gave Christian burial, closing the case, and collecting their conclusions on two thick books.
In 1974, a group of Research of Enfield, headed by Ronal R. Russel, confirmed the existence of a paranormal phenomenology on Borley.
Each 28th of July, the nun appears and always performs the same route, known as the nun's Walk, an event that attracts thousands of spectators to "the most haunted house in England". In spite of the fact that the building was burned in 1939, there have been calculated more than two thousands of different supernatural cases.


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