The Myths - ¿Pure Fantasy?

The use of the expression "myth" as a lie or invention is widespread among us; without forgetting this use, we intend to open other dimensions of the myth that they are completely excluded in that characterization.
To do this, we clarify that the myths are stories whose main purpose is not to entertain but to convey a particular spiritual instruction. It can be summarized in two thematic areas: on the one hand, information that a human group considered valuable to the survival. On the other hand, everything that allow emerge and strengthen the identity of the community and its members. The spiritual instruction will be then, for a person or a community, a valuable support for addressing the challenges of its evolution.
In this sense we are wary of the proposals of personal evolution to be carried out by an individual atomized and exiled from their roots. Therefore, the spiritual instruction of the myth can be understood as a "building from the inside"; our individuality is re-mean in the community to which we belong.
It is no surprise then that the myth condenses - through their gods, heroes and monstrous beings, their tests and fighting, its objects loaded with high symbolic value- the possible paths, warnings and obstacles lurking, in the task of the personal and collective evolution.
If we ask for a moment: why we continue captivating - even transferred to cinema, sometimes with its limitations and other, with his greatness- Achilles, Ulysses, Hercules, Medea, Helen of Troy and the loves of Aphrodite and Ares? Why we are baffled by the Titans, the Giants and the battles of Zeus? Why arouses our admiration the trinity of Jupiter, Juno and Minerva and the history of Romulus and Remus in the origins of Rome? Why fall many of our prejudices? What do they tell us the men of maize from the Popol Vuh; Elal, the hero of the Tehuelche mythology? To mention only a few.
The answer is that if the myth were just fantasy and invention, a mere adornment literary, probably these figures do not would echo in us. Echo because what they do and starring, is not something that happened in the past but something that happens continuously in each one of our lives and in the lives of the communities.

Although we are lost the origin of the myth, its messages are as current today as they were at the time when he began to be reported. Because they originate in archetypes that each culture transformed to your style. That is why there are many myths - and even more, different versions of the same myth - and all are "true". The myths are, as the wise men say "what it is worth to be told".