The Myths - ¿Pure Fantasy?

The use of the expression "myth" as a lie or invention is widespread among us; without forgetting this use, we intend to open other dimensions of the myth that they are completely excluded in that characterization.
To do this, we clarify that the myths are stories whose main purpose is not to entertain but to convey a particular spiritual instruction. It can be summarized in two thematic areas: on the one hand, information that a human group considered valuable to the survival. On the other hand, everything that allow emerge and strengthen the identity of the community and its members. The spiritual instruction will be then, for a person or a community, a valuable support for addressing the challenges of its evolution.
In this sense we are wary of the proposals of personal evolution to be carried out by an individual atomized and exiled from their roots. Therefore, the spiritual instruction of the myth can be understood as a "building from the inside"; our individuality is re-mean in the community to which we belong.
It is no surprise then that the myth condenses - through their gods, heroes and monstrous beings, their tests and fighting, its objects loaded with high symbolic value- the possible paths, warnings and obstacles lurking, in the task of the personal and collective evolution.
If we ask for a moment: why we continue captivating - even transferred to cinema, sometimes with its limitations and other, with his greatness- Achilles, Ulysses, Hercules, Medea, Helen of Troy and the loves of Aphrodite and Ares? Why we are baffled by the Titans, the Giants and the battles of Zeus? Why arouses our admiration the trinity of Jupiter, Juno and Minerva and the history of Romulus and Remus in the origins of Rome? Why fall many of our prejudices? What do they tell us the men of maize from the Popol Vuh; Elal, the hero of the Tehuelche mythology? To mention only a few.
The answer is that if the myth were just fantasy and invention, a mere adornment literary, probably these figures do not would echo in us. Echo because what they do and starring, is not something that happened in the past but something that happens continuously in each one of our lives and in the lives of the communities.

Although we are lost the origin of the myth, its messages are as current today as they were at the time when he began to be reported. Because they originate in archetypes that each culture transformed to your style. That is why there are many myths - and even more, different versions of the same myth - and all are "true". The myths are, as the wise men say "what it is worth to be told".

Psychology of love and hate

They arrived to the psychologist visit. At the first moment they showed cold, allowing me to see the distance that separated them. When they started to talk I could appreciate the resentment and bitterness which underlined their words, were the criticism and the reproaches which opened a crater between them. They did not hear, they interrupted each other with accusations.

"This is the last bullet", they manifested at the end. However, their gaze was more focused on the separation that in the meeting. To hear them I found how hard was to believe that they loved each other in the past. Each one appeared in front of the other blurred, stripped of the qualities that a day were recognized and valued.

"From the beginning we had a lot of physical attraction between us, it was like a magnet that attracted us forever. Each time that we meet, we were felt joy to see us again, until one day we let ourselves be carried away by the passion and we started our love story. I liked all of it," she said with glowing eyes.

"I saw her as the woman more special than I had never known", he added without just looking at it, as if wanting to enjoy those feelings of long ago.

This story is repeated in the talks between friends, in their visits of the psychologists. Love can turn to hate when you are not careful. In scientific studies, among then the investigations of Sterberg, it was noted that the hatred could not be understood without the love already that both are closely related due to the similarity of their components.

The triangular theory of love argues that in love underlies three components: intimacy, the passion and the decision and commitment. These components are not static, are in constant interaction among them which give as a result the seven types of love: love, infatuation, empty love, romantic, sociable, fool and consummated.

On the other hand, the triangular theory of hatred is just the opposite of the same components. Denial of intimacy, which seeks the untying emotional and is powered by the rejection; passion in the hatred in the form of fury and commitment in the hatred which devalues the person to justify the abandonment.

Also the neurosciences have obtained results which help to better understand why it is so easy to move from love to hate. From a biological point of view, hatred enables many brain areas and many regions that are activated when you hate are the same as when you are in love.

The hatred is brewing in the small things that we not resolve properly, as occurs in the case of our partner, and this creates circles of fire in which many times just burn us. We began to throw gas on the fire when the other does not meet our expectations with regard to what we expect of the people loved and we began to accumulate complaints.

The heartache arrives with the negation of everything we thought and imagined about the other person, we do not value and appreciate its qualities anymore and we blur internally the image of that person unique and different who we fell in love with.

In this process there are usually at the beginning many attempts to cover up or justify the pain that produces the disappointment. However, progresses the experience of disagreement, converts the relationship in a big black dot, from which we only see the negative. At this point, it is already installed the hate in our hearts and established the mechanism of projection, we blame the other of our suffering and you hate because it leaves naked our weaknesses, our dependence and our insecurity.

The people most vulnerable to accommodate feelings of hate are those which have low self-esteem, because they feel attacked more easily than people sure of themselves. The insecurity that prevails in the people with a self-esteem devalued, coupled with comparisons, the feelings of inferiority, the low tolerance to the frustration, fear, the complex and intolerance, avoid to manage appropriately their emotions so they are sources of hatred in their personal and social relations.

The hatred corrodes who feel it; generates bad mood and may even lead to health problems such as insomnia, stress, anxiety or depression and considerably weakens the immune system.

The hatred equal to the love implies a "Installation". When we cease to be installed in the hatred, we recovered our ability to see the other in all its dimensions, and we can look from the loving feeling that favors the encounter.

Love and the Tarot

Love is a feeling that not knows limits; even people with more coldness of heart have experienced this feeling. Many people feel it and have been disappointed him. The Tarot of Love has an answer to all the questions that take place in their life. We talk a little bit about some Tarot cards that are in direct relation with love:

• Card of Lovers; is a card that says a lot by itself. Despite that its interpretation is related to the context of the situation, on a general level expresses and alludes to the feeling and connection that exists between two people.

• Two of Cups; it is very related to the monogamous relationships and also alludes to the symbolism of link and connection between two human beings. When interpreting it should be kept very into account aspects such as conditions of happiness of couple.

• Ten of Cups - is the representation of a type of brotherly love, as it is generated within the family core of human beings. The emergence of this card in the reading of the Tarot of Love of a person, indicates something positive with regard to the affective ties of his life.

• Four of Wands: is a card that alludes to the love from a security point of view and the good atmosphere that arises in each household. This card also represents the step of a relationship of single courtship, to something more serious as a compromise.

• Ten of Coins: in terms of love, this card reflects mainly the very well established relations in the long term.

• Ace of Cups: heralds the arrival of a new relationship that will enrich the life of the person and it is a beautiful card; resembles the feelings that emerge in adolescence.

• The Empress; is beautiful, beautiful and eloquent and this card represents the love in various aspects of being; is interpreted many times with maternal dyes and another not. It also represents sensuality and that makes it even more be interpreted as a symbol of union between people.

• The Emperor: from the point of view of the Tarot of Love, is seen as a symbol of loyalty and very long-term agreements; can also be misinterpreted if we do not analyze the specific situation of each person who is reading the Tarot.

The reading of the Tarot of Love is a very serious procedure and has to be taken into account by all readers of tarot at the global level; each context of reading is different and specific knowledge of each fortune teller, it is the key to the user of the service, will feel entirely comfortable with what was said.

Discovering new realities

The classical physics of the great Isaac Newton is based on observations related to everyday objects, since the fall of an apple to planets in orbit. Its laws were tested extensively since its discovery in the XVII century. But, when physicists began to create tools to investigate the tiny particles of atoms, discovered something that left them astonished: the physics of Newton was not working in the sub-atomic world. Throughout the twentieth century was creating a completely new scientific description to explain the world of the tiny. This new knowledge, known as quantum mechanics or quantum physics, does not come to replace the physics of Newton, who works and very well to explain the large objects, macroscopic. The new physics, in contrast, is discovered for reaching the subatomic world.

The universe is a miracle, as I would say the philosopher and mathematician Russian P. Ouspensky. There would appear two groups of laws that govern the universe. At the level of the daily lives of all of us, things are explained according to the laws of the dynamics and movement that discovered Newton (the laws explain the bodies in movement, they allow and calculate trajectories), as well as the law of gravity, etc. However, when we arrived to a smaller scale, at the level of the atoms, displays a different set of laws. Are the quantum laws.

In 1900, the German physicist Max Planck first used the term quantum applied to science. It comes from a Latin word that means simply sum or quantity, but is used to designate the smallest unit of energy or the matter.

What quantum theory has revealed leave us as stunned since it sounds like science fiction: the particles can be in two or more places at once. (See the movie "And thou what do you know?" for more information). Einstein said that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, but quantum physics have demonstrated that the subatomic particles are communicated to appear instantly, regardless of the extension of the space. Although the instantaneous speed has been demonstrated by the quantum physics, who also referred to this in his teachings was Gurdjieff.

The classical physics was reductionist. It was based on the premise that only if you know the different parts, you can finally understand everything. The new physics is more organic and holistic; paints a picture of the universe as a unified whole, whose parties are interconnected and influence over each other.

Perhaps the most important thing is that quantum physics has cleared the sharp division between subject and object, between observer and observed, that has dominated the western science.

In quantum physics, the observer influences the observed object. There are no observers isolated from the mechanical universe, but that all participates in the universe.

The psychological and philosophical implications of these findings are extraordinary. Because if the observer is not impartial, therefore the interest settles in study to which notes, i.e. the attention of the study is directed toward the same mind of man. Therefore depth psychology and quantum mechanics are closely related. W.Heisenberg (Nobel Prize for Physics) argued that the mind was a factor inherent to the problem. Referred to the act of the measurement as to the "act of registering the result in the mind of the observer".

According to David Bohm, physical and at the same time disciple of Krishnamurti, quantum mechanics reveals that the reality is a unified whole in which everything is connected at a profound level that goes beyond the limits of ordinary space and time. Bohm launched the idea that there is a "implied order" from which emanates everything known to man. This same reflection to which arrives David Bohm since its field, physics, is that up Jung from the field of the science of the mind or Psychology when he referred to the archetypes (model paramount) as factors computers of human life. And his conception of the collective unconscious, which is one for the whole of humanity. That is to say, there are 7 billion inhabitants according to UN, 7 billion egos and a single collective unconscious for the entire humanity. Jung, personally, helped the development of Quantum Physics, teaching, guiding and directing in his ideas to the Nobel Prize of Physics Wolfgang Pauli. That is why the Professor Leon Azoulay incorporated into the program of training of Evolutionary Psychology an item about the Quantum Physics and its relationship with our psyche.


Transformation through the Love

Who are Venus and Pluto?

In Greek Mythology Aphrodite - whose Roman name is Venus - is the goddess who symbolizes the openness and responsiveness. Open ourselves to others, to receive them and to accept them, that is what we usually call love. Venus in our natal chart is the energy that speaks to us about how we complement with others and how we are open to ourselves. Pluto was the name that was given to Hades, the god of the underworld. Brother of Zeus and Poseidon, in the partition of the universe Pluto received the invisible world, the world of the occult and also the kingdom of the dead. In the astrological symbolism Pluto is the strongest energy of the system, the energy that carries out the processes of deepest transformation, which carries us beyond our own limits. It also identifies with the "Death", as a generator of those changes, generally not chosen, we die to what we were to be reborn as different beings. When the planet of love and receptivity (Venus) is in contact with the god of the underworld (Pluto) in a natal chart means, in the first place, that none of the two planets is "free", that these energies are together in the life of these people, and in any situation in which is involved one of them the other will be involved too. As Pluto is one of the trans-personality planets - that is that goes beyond the personality - we will have to wait for the transformation that appears in our life from the outside, through love and intimate relationships. When the person connects with the energy of love, Pluto emerges from the depths of his psyche to connect mercilessly with the transform. Why mercilessly? Because we usually want that nothing changes and we don't want to transform ourselves. The myth tells us that when Hades fell in love with the maiden Kore (Persephone), Demeter's daughter, did not hesitate to come out from the depths of the earth and kidnapped her, carrying her to his kingdom to make her his wife. This act had been implicitly authorized by Zeus (Jupiter), symbol of the evolutionary force, i.e. that this fall to the underground world brings us an evolutionary learning. In addition to that, Pluto means "rich", another track important to think that there is something very valuable in the experience that comes from the hand of Pluto. As Hades is the ruler of a world where the sunlight doesn't reach - that we associate with the consciousness - this is an energy that operates from the unconscious. However, it takes contact with it will allow us to bring light to some of these hidden content and to expand our consciousness. After fall to the underground world we know more about ourselves.

A basic script: Beauty and the Beast

In the life of a person with this aspect in his natal chart, the depth, the emotional extremism and the sexual intensity of his relationships ensures a compulsive fall to the dark world. This can be said as: high doses of jealousy, - which, in other words, means possessiveness and desires of control of the other-, subjugation and loss of your own will. Your favorite slogan could be: "until death do us part". And in some extreme cases, this can become literal. There may also be antecedent of this game of poles in the family history: a powerful father, a mother who was subjugated, or some other variant that makes this indent as already known. Therefore, for these people are not very easy to think in free and detached relations, in principle because of someone with the polarity Venus/Pluto, this kind of relationships are not attractive. The desire is to devour the other taking the risk of being devoured.

The attraction of the opposite poles

At the base of the hermetic philosophy we find the law of polarity: everything is double, everything has two poles. The polarity is played on this aspect can be summarized as follows: Power - submission, however, both poles belong to the same person, since he/she has Venus in contact with Pluto in his natal chart. If you identify with one of these poles and plans to the other, which shows you the outside is not more than a mirror of your own energy.
The key point is no doubt comes to understand this and the first step would be to ask: why is this happening to me?
As is the case with every pair of opposites the person elected, according the general balance of energies in his letter, placed in one of these poles and you screened the other pole to the companion of turn.
However, although it appears to be obvious, but it is not easy to be discovered and generally the person feels irresistibly drawn toward one of the poles, thinking that has nothing to do with the other.
This is the beginning of a journey of transformation whose ultimate goal is to integrate to the fullest extent possible this pair of opposites and thus achieve an expansion of consciousness from go disarming those projections.
This expansion will be the obvious result to recover for itself something that had projected in the outside. Carl Jung said that the civilized man dragging behind the tail of a saurio.
This "saurio queue" is the most archaic part of our psyche, our most primitive; there are crouching all the emotions that we have suppressed during our first years of life, with relation to others or to ourselves and that, is being considered unacceptable by our environment, hid in the farthest place possible of our consciousness.
We are talking about the anger, envy, jealousy, greed, lust, all emotions that culture labeled "the ugly, dirty and bad", but they are very far from being the only reason. As we already said there is something valuable in this experience only to discover it can be difficult and often painful.

To Be Venus

Here, the energy of Venus is not satisfied opening to another, nor did he reach with please - obviously because neither reaches who plays the role of Pluto - but that is submitted to the power of the other. Imagine a hyphen basis. In a belief the person Venus/Pluto will feel fascinated by someone, which are then you will discover as a "freak", and it will be very difficult to realize that this has to do with it. Venus is also related with the ability to accept and here it is necessary to accept the dark side of another, and of course also the own, and love him in spite of everything.
Other people can leave a little side the dark aspects of their partners, but which has a contact Venus/Pluto, precisely will be attracted by these dark aspects. If the other is presented as someone who could get to engulf him what makes that it is in this link? What is it that makes it attractive? Precisely that darkness that does no more than to reveal its own dark interior side.
It is important here to clarify that for a projection to take hold, the other pole will be projected on someone who actually has to do with that energy and that will also be ready to do its part in the choreography.
But this is a problem of another, with which the person Venus/Pluto should not be confused: we cannot change to another, we only have to worry about to realize the part that corresponds to us. This does not mean that the other is not what it is.
For a projection work we need to hang in the hanger adequate. What it teaches us this aspect is that the only force able to defeat Pluto is Venus, but of course, not by force, not struggling with it but accepting and loving him, but without losing sight, without undergoing.
If I accept the other as he/she is, just the power struggles. Pluto puts Venus in the urgent situation of being truly receptive, to love seriously. Pluto is a developer of Venus.
You can also accept that the link is not for her, and releasing, let it go. "As it is inside, it is out", another basic principle, means that the other makes us of mirror, which is there to show us something that actually belongs to us.
 But let us look at some of the features of this script base. There will be, typically, a permanent feeling of dissatisfaction in the affective links, nothing is adequate, nothing hits you. Venus/Pluto has a thirst for the absolute projected in the couple, which - there should be no illusions -- it is impossible to achieve.
That is why the person feels that love, that happiness is not for her/him, that each time you love conflicts begin, the struggles and sorrow appears. If this aspect is not working, in the long run some people can lead to the solitude. If it is identified with the pole of Venus will be submitted to another, that the monitor and exercise a power with a tendency to be absolute.
Of course that this is not the only face of Pluto or much less, but whether it was planned to an energy that is own, it appears in its forms poorer, therefore, while the person does not understand that this is his own energy, he will come from "outside", embody in your partner, showing its worst aspects.
If the person with Venus/Pluto sees itself supplemented by something that owns it and not left at liberty, this can generate extreme sensations: "I am united to something that rejection; but that I cannot leave". So it is understandable that the person is frightened to love: each time that falls in love, Pluto slips into his life, and the more you feel the person identified with the bright and friendly pole of Venus, dark will appear more powerful.
The first step to overcome this aspect is to begin to recognize your own energy of power in the reflection of the power of the other. To the extent that the person begins to realize that something of this quality belongs to you, to the extent that begins to take charge of its part in this script, the onslaught of outside will lose strength. If I can bring to light my darker side it might appear in my context, in my world, a loving energy capable of understanding, and there I will be starting to reverse the polarity.

To Be Pluto

The other option involves that the person is identified with Pluto. In such a case, there will be no one that satisfies emotionally.
Will be entrenched in a position ultra-defensive. I have met people who were in this position and that they confessed that never, ever had fallen in love. That did not understand what I wanted to say that. That is to say, never to be identified with their own vulnerability, with their own responsiveness, with their own capacity for delivery.
When a person with this aspect is in that situation is closed to itself and toughened and being defensive. They have always had the power in their links. The fragility of another, its weakness, its delivery, attracts you, because she feels that being what it is not that the complete but, as there is no challenge, ends causing irritation and boredom. However, she is not prepared to let him go, because it is precisely in those situations where you can play their role.
The result, as in the previous case, it is a link to be highly unsatisfactory for both parties. These are the mixtures. These people have to do the work of connecting with what they without doubt would call "weakness"; they have to fall in love and surrender. Once they have done so they no longer feel attracted by what they do not believe that they have and the experience of love can take another course.

The alchemy

The task of the person Venus/Pluto is to discover the attractiveness of the links of parity in where the power to circulate from one to another, i.e. in which power is shared, but it will be a long road and it will not be possible without having gone through the two poles.
The polarization involves identified blindly with the pole of the impotence or with the pole of the omnipotence. The experience of moving from one pole to the other allows you to connect with the power, an intermediate point in which each one has power but not all power.
 Pound the zodiacal sign associated to love and marriage, whose Regent is precisely Venus, has as a symbol a balance with its two dishes in balance and in each one of those dishes is each one of the members of the couple.
An asymmetric link is not a true "marriage", at least that is what the astrological symbolism teaches us and that is the learning that proposes this aspect in the natal chart of a person. In any link there will always be something of projection, but if there is no discomfort, might not have so much need to work on that.
However, if there is conflict, discomfort, if the other plays a role that makes you feel bad, there is something to correct and, with all safety, something of ourselves to look.