Love and the Tarot

Love is a feeling that not knows limits; even people with more coldness of heart have experienced this feeling. Many people feel it and have been disappointed him. The Tarot of Love has an answer to all the questions that take place in their life. We talk a little bit about some Tarot cards that are in direct relation with love:

• Card of Lovers; is a card that says a lot by itself. Despite that its interpretation is related to the context of the situation, on a general level expresses and alludes to the feeling and connection that exists between two people.

• Two of Cups; it is very related to the monogamous relationships and also alludes to the symbolism of link and connection between two human beings. When interpreting it should be kept very into account aspects such as conditions of happiness of couple.

• Ten of Cups - is the representation of a type of brotherly love, as it is generated within the family core of human beings. The emergence of this card in the reading of the Tarot of Love of a person, indicates something positive with regard to the affective ties of his life.

• Four of Wands: is a card that alludes to the love from a security point of view and the good atmosphere that arises in each household. This card also represents the step of a relationship of single courtship, to something more serious as a compromise.

• Ten of Coins: in terms of love, this card reflects mainly the very well established relations in the long term.

• Ace of Cups: heralds the arrival of a new relationship that will enrich the life of the person and it is a beautiful card; resembles the feelings that emerge in adolescence.

• The Empress; is beautiful, beautiful and eloquent and this card represents the love in various aspects of being; is interpreted many times with maternal dyes and another not. It also represents sensuality and that makes it even more be interpreted as a symbol of union between people.

• The Emperor: from the point of view of the Tarot of Love, is seen as a symbol of loyalty and very long-term agreements; can also be misinterpreted if we do not analyze the specific situation of each person who is reading the Tarot.

The reading of the Tarot of Love is a very serious procedure and has to be taken into account by all readers of tarot at the global level; each context of reading is different and specific knowledge of each fortune teller, it is the key to the user of the service, will feel entirely comfortable with what was said.


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