How and why do the Tarot and the Oracles work?

Why have a few pieces of paper selected randomly something to do with the reality of a person?
The physics of consciousness:

From a materialistic point of view no method of divination should "work". Dices, currencies, or letters randomly chosen, offer all the same probability of being "chosen" from among its possible options. In the dominant vision of science this point of view tends to be considered unquestionable. However, this view is very partial and fragment the reality in a no neutral way. One of the largest lagoons of the dominant science and consequently all the contemporary era is its doctrinal denial to critically reflect on the great mystery that is the consciousness. This is the matter of greater uncertainty for science and also for the philosophy. Why are we aware? What is consciousness? When did it start and when does it end? Where is located? What is made? Can we measure it? What is its size?
And most important… Is the consciousness limited to a complex interaction of physical and chemical factors? Is it just information that circulates in the neural networks supported by the biochemistry of the brain and the body…? Or is it something greater than the sum of its parts? What is an accident of evolution? This is the most complex and intelligent achievement of the evolution… the evolution created something different and superior to his own original ingredients? And to culminate with these questions… Do you have to see the consciousness as the reality as it is perceived?
When you begin to analyze as extensive as are the answers to these questions you can realize what limited is the starting point for the scientific perspective of materialistic nature. The materialistic point of view in the psychology has its best example in the flow of behaviorism. For this the consciousness is the black box, something that assumes too complex to address scientifically, so much so that to make behaviorism refuses the need or interest to clarify the great question about how important is the issue of consciousness? The behaviorism has been always see as the branch more "objective" of psychology. But this high status is lost absolutely if we see how it evades the mystery of the consciousness. Such evasion makes its findings and truths be proportionally reduced: how much more focuses the microscope in one tree, less see the forest and much less the ecosystem that sustains the tree.
These limitations reach proportions even more dramatic when you observe the common conclusions of fields such as quantum physics and the holographic principle, the fractal geometry or the morphic resonance. If you do not know the research on these issues and their analogies with the philosophy of the consciousness, without doubt awaits you know a different type of science to the usual. Especially if you take an overview of all of them.
The scientific paradigm dominant until now has in the classical physics (not quantum physics) its model to imitate. It used to be thought that all "scientific" should always be comparable to the simple constants of this discipline. The behaviorism has been self-reward to be the most applied to the study of the psyche. This point of departure is abysmally subjective, this is allowed to rule out the possibility that the observer has something to do with what is observed- it can boast of anything less than objectivity. It can boast of reducing its variables for practical purposes, but not of to be objective.
Although we cannot yet provide scientific evidence on how the Tarot works, we can be sure that the consciousness, energy and matter are interconnected phenomena. And the border… must be as rigorous as the laws of classical physics? The classical physics seem to be in the antipodes of able to explain the phenomenon of consciousness. Then… does it make sense to reduce the explanation of the consciousness to their mechanistic laws known up till now?
The consciousness has a mirror reflection
We don't know if we are capable of moving objects with the mind. We don't know where arrives the mysterious connection of matter, energy and consciousness. But it seems that the Tarot decks, the hexagrams of the I-Ching and the structures of the other systems of divination are provided to act in a symbolic correlation with the human psyche, that is to say that, with the Tarot for example, brought out a card that has a meaning directly related to our mind state. The mind appears to be above the matter in this level. At the time of choosing a card from a part of the deck, or that the fall of the coins of a certain way, seems to operate something different and more sophisticated than the laws of classical physics.
Something will have in these systems of divination that they "work". Probably, its design will have much to do. For most of the modern versions of the Oracles which remains unchanged is the design of its array of reference. The tarot decks are composed - almost always - of 78 cards and the hexagrams of the I-Ching are always 64. All the cards or hexagrams are grouped in an internal structure constant throughout the centuries, an internal structure that could be called matrix of array. Variations only have to do with the artistic design of parts and with the approach of its meaning.
Like the music has its array of harmonious sounds in the scales; same as the chemistry has its array of elements in the periodic table; like the colors have its array of combinations of the three primary colors… Well, maybe that mysterious but very real phenomenon of consciousness will also have its array of possibilities in the "divinatory systems".
To summarize, I will provide an attempt at a definition on what is a system of divination (Tarot, I-Ching, etc.): a symbolic matrix (or map) that represents the possibilities of consciousness systematized on the basis of an internal order with sense.

The authority is always within…

I would help eliminate a prejudice fairly widespread. The dark style pseudo illuminated and often authoritarian regime that tend to transmit the television future tellers of Tarot - they know and you do not- feeds the image that the oracles must be superior sources external with a categorical and decisive authority. The love for personal freedom is what leads to many/as free thinkers/as to remove all credibility to the work of these people (thankfully!).
From the point of view of the Consciousness, readings of Oracles do not represent a divine assessment of an entity or on top of our person, nor our life, nor much less about what we deserve to live. Are not, in this regard, messages from a higher source outside the subject. The cards act as mirrors, as symbols of what we know about our being, an access to a more profound and complete part of ourselves. When you make a query to an Oracle the contents of the reading you… listen to you at a deeper level and complete. How paradoxical?
If you have a way of personal search (self-knowledge, yoga, meditation,…) or simply calls you the attention this modern approach of the divinatory arts, you can start freely your own experimentation: Buy a deck of Tarot cards or a book of the I-Ching or the Oracle that is closest to your personal style. You will begin a journey exciting of expansion of consciousness at many levels.
If you ever do a query or experimentation with an Oracle… simply allows the reading helps you connect with something more sage who is in yourself. The Oracle is dispensable. Your higher self is not but has in the oracle a great source of support.


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