Nostradamus, the most famous diviner

Nostradamus was a remarkable and admired man in the France of the XVI century, and also in the rest of the world. Michel de Nostredame was born at noon on December 14th, 1503 in Saint-Rèmuy-de-Provence. A child of parents of Jewish origin, that by the Inquisition took pressures to convert to the Catholicism, taking that baptism and change of identity to avoid reprisals in the time of Louis XII, and adopted as so many others the name of some place. In the case of the relatives of Michel adopted the name of the neighborhood where they had lived for two generations, the neighborhood of Notre Dame. Thus was born to the catholic religion Michel de Nostredame.
Received a complete education in the knowledge of the different herbs and plants, but soon he showed much interest in the magical arts and secret readings, as well as in the science of the stars. It was his grandfather who started him in these studies, becoming doctor, mathematician, astrologer and astronomer and mastering several languages such as Greek, Latin and Hebrew.
When his grandfather died, the young Michel was sent to Avignon to finish his studies, and there they were astonished by all his knowledge of nature and above all, for his exceptional memory, which allowed him to recite any lesson, after he had read at once.
He left Avignon in 1521, to pursue his studies at the Academy of Montpellier. But soon the plague struck the Languedoc, and Michel left the Academy to take care of himself. This phase of his career was the most practical one, as he was able to work and observe elbow to elbow the different physicians who performed the same work.
Finished the danger of the epidemic, he went back to Montpellier, where he ended up completing his PhD. He was a student reproached by his teachers, since he came out of what was strictly correct in those times, but today that knowledge is fundamental in any health intervention.
Already doctorate, Michel earned his living as a doctor and selling curative and cosmetics products made by himself. Then, he went to Agen where he married in 1534. But the plague, snatched not only his wife but also his two children.
Lonely and mounted on his mule toured France and Italy, where the people were able to appreciate the gifts of clairvoyance that Michel demonstrated to have.
One day, while continuing his path, he found a young Franciscan monk, under his mule and he showed respect kneeling before him. When the Franciscan showed his amazement, he explained: - there is always to kneel in front of the Pope - in effect, that young monk was, twenty years later the Pope Sixtus IV.
In 1547 he remarried and he was installed in salon where he practiced medicine and implemented the several knowledges he possessed. During this period of tranquility and stability he took the opportunity to write and publish some annual almanacs, a book about beauty potions and another book of recipes
In 1555 he wrote a book titled "The Prophecies" published later as "Centuries" it is a collection of quatrains (four-line rhyming verses), grouped into sets of 100, which many of them foretold the future.
Due to their success in 1557, he had published already seven Centuries.
Soon obtained great fame as a prophet and Catherine de Médicis, a lover of the occult sciences, called him to the court. From this moment he offered his services to the royalty and to the nobility of that time.
But the premonition that really gave him fame was that in 1554, he wrote and announced the death of the King Henry II, he said: "The young lion will overcome the older one, on the field of combat in a single battle; he will pierce his eyes through a golden cage, two wounds he will have, then he dies with a cruel death."
In fact, in 1559, the French king organized, with great ornamentation and pomp, a series of festive activities of the era, such as walking, meals and tournaments to celebrate the wedding of his sister Margarita with the duke of Savoy. The expert and warrior king in the last festive event of the day offered break spears, to enhance the events, the young count of Montgomery, who had heard wonders in the field of battle.
During the fight, the spearhead of Montgomery penetrated the visor that took the king with ornaments of gold, and pierced one eye. Days after the king died in the midst of atrocious sufferings.
Many had been the successes of Michel until that moment, but this one gave him great fame throughout France and Italy. His predictions, writings of a deliberately mode hermetic, had been amazing by its shocking accuracy. Covered with honors, he died in 1566.
The 1st July 1566 Nostradamus offered his final prediction to his priest. In response to the farewell of the priest, Nostradamus had replied: "You would not find me alive in the output of the sun."
Many authors, during the past four centuries, aware of the importance of the notices that Nostradamus bequeathed to us, have attempted to provide an interpretation of more than ten centuries. Only when the events have already happened is when they find some sense. Recent studies point to the use of mathematics in order to be able to give a definitive solution to this mystery, since according to them is the only procedure in which everything that Nostradamus predict has no place.


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