The Oracles of Antiquity

The most important Oracles of antiquity were the following:
In Egypt stressed the Meroe, the temple of Jupiter Ammon in Thebes, Amun-re, in the oasis of Siwa and those of Heliopolis and Abydos.
In Greece, the oracle of Delphi (the most famous), Dódona in Epirus, Delos, the Olympia in Elis, the oracle of Apollo in Dídima (Asia Minor), the clear and the Trofonio. Others were in the grotto of Pisa or in Crete.
In the Hebrew field, the temple of Jerusalem where the priests talked with God and the angels. In Phoenicia, were famous temples dedicated to the god Baal (or Baalzebub). There were also in Africa and India.
The Romans did not possess many famous oracles, so that they were compelled to go to others. Even so, were famous in the forest of Albunea (near the current Tivoli), the Sibyl of Cumas and the oracle of Fauno among others.
In Rome the prophetess received the name of sibyls, in honor to the daughter of Dardanus, Sybil, source of trojan. Others were the of Libya, Delphi, of Samos, Eritrea, the Helesponto, Persia, Phrygia and Cimeria. The Sibyl of Cumas was during a time in possession of the Sybilline Books that both have given that talk and that the emperors saved with both zeal.
These women sat on a tripod after been purified by different rituals and while there, inhale toxic gases emanating from the earth (as the ethylene), so that entered a state of trance or took superhuman attitudes. Their predictions were recited in hexameters and interpreted by the priests. The sanctuaries are always built in places where previously there were emanations gaseous. At this time nothing is left to chance.
Among some of the historical characters that were presented in these shrines, we can speak of the Emperor Hadrian (or Hadriano, as he liked to write your name), the usurper Giges, Alexander the Great, King Croesus, the emperor Claudius, Apollonius of Tyana etc.
That said what conclusions can be drawn about the real capacity of these oracles to deal with complex issues? It is known that at the beginning, due to the deployment of resources they had, provided valuable information and worked reasonably well. However, with the passing of the years and the arrival of Christianity, things began to change. The oracles were in decline due to the lack of resources (the faithful was decreasing and with them the money that provided). With the conversion to Christianity of the Roman emperors, the situation went from bad to worse. Before the onslaught of critics Christians (which are sometimes produced by violent tracks), the oracles muted slowly, and those who tried to stay only accumulated jibes and disrepute.
The members of the early Church blamed to simple daemons the prophecies and the use of hallucinogenic plants the visions of The Sibyls and the diviners.
To a certain extent, were right. Although some people really were in possession of extrasensory abilities, it is clear that 90 % of what occurred in the oracles was the result of the suggestion, the special effects, machinery is unknown to the population of walk, and privileged information provided by spies. What cannot be denied is that its influence was enormous during centuries, and which were made powerful advances in law, science, colonization and various issues of international importance. They also helped many people to solve personal problems and eased (or alarmed) to many with his words, triggering reactions necessary for the development of civilization.
The world as we know it would never have been the same without the intervention of the oracles.

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